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Our team studies expertise and expert development in the health professions.  The aim of our research is to develop a model of expertise and expert development that informs the design of curricula to train future clinicians to effectively handle the evolving challenges of the healthcare system.  We use theories of expertise, cognition, learning, and education to advance understanding of how to train expert clinicians who are able to provide the highest quality of patient care.   We believe that excellence should not be an accident of development.  Education must be optimized to prepare health professionals to meet the needs of today’s diverse and complex patients.

Our work embraces a methodological approach that incorporates both qualitative and quantitative inquiry as needed to deliver on our research objectives. Reflecting our belief in the value of this interdisciplinarity, our students come from a wide variety of backgrounds. 
We are based at the Wilson Centre (www.thewilsoncentre.ca), University of Toronto and University Health Network.